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Independent Study

Advanced students can arrange for independent studies with professors to explore special interests and topics in depth in:

  • studio art
  • art history
  • arts administration
  • music

Elizabeth Pattison - Working with Professor of Music Gregory Slowik; Elizabeth, Soprano, developed and performed a beautiful senior vocal recital in the Trustman Gallery on April 4th, 2009. She performed eleven songs with the aid of Thomas Handel, Accompanist, and voice teacher, Murray Kidd.

Nico Alba - Working with senior lecturer and Director of the Trustman Gallery Bridget Lynch, Nico developed her performance piece "Group Couture" after photographing her friends, family, and partners in the same black dress. "I see that when I photograph people in the same garment, I am trying to create a connection. In this performance, I hope to bring that feeling of connection to the viewer; maybe you'll remember the feeling for a while, whether it was fun or awkward or cathartic or silly."

Rebecca Macikeski - As a music major, Rebecca presented "Music Dreams," a return to the stories of childhood. She created a quirky set of characters that engendered more stories from the participants. Additionally, Rebecca was a violinist member of the New England Philharmonic, an orchestra of professional musicians. No other student in the ten-year collaboration between Simmons University and the New England Philharmonic has achieved this milestone.

Elizabeth Pattison - Music 350 Independent Study - Senior Vocal Recial Nico Alba - Art 350 Independent Study -  Rebecca Macijeski - Music 350 Independent Study - Art 350 Independent Study Art 350 Independent Study Art 350 Independent Study Art 350 Independent Study Art 350 Independent Study Art 350 Independent Study - Lael Dalal Art 350 Independent Study