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Arts Administration

Highlights of the Department:

New York Institute (AADM 236)

The New York Institute is a one-month immersion course in New York's art world and cultural organizations. Students live and study in NYC for the month of June, combining classroom work with in-depth study at cultural institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA and the New York City Opera. Taught by Professor Heather Hole.

Special Topics in Arts Administration (AADM 253)

SP'12 - Wastepaper Theatre Archive Project, Boston University

Working with Lecturer Randi Hopkins, students assisted in curating and installing archival materials from the Wastepaper Theatre, an experimental theater troupe, at Boston University's Art Gallery Annex. Students faced challenges of preserving and displaying artifacts of the theater's performance art, including photographs, collages, scripts and recorded interviews.
FA'08 - "On the Street" Project, Kingston Art Gallery

Students planned, designed, curated and installed the exhibition, "On the Street" at the Kingston Gallery in Boston's SoWA art district. The exhibition included work created from found objects and sound and captured the experience of being on the street as a worker, pedestrian, or tourist.

"As an arts administration student, our work was extremely career focused. The department promoted internships, independent research, and volunteerism opportunities that would help us not only gain skills, but establish connections between our studies and how these topics fit into our future careers."

Jacqueline Lantagne, Class of 2007

Attending a performance in Avery Fisher Hall by the New York Philharmonic. Pictured: Gregory Slowik, Professor of Music; Catherine Behrend; students; and on far right, Heather Hole, Director of the Arts Administration Program. Flyer for Wastepaper Theatre Archive exhibition in Curatorial Studies Course with Randi Hopkins AADM 253 Setting up the Wastepaper Theatre Archives Exhibit (AADM 253) The Wastepaper Theatre Archives Exhibit (AADM 253) Detail of the Wastepaper Theatre Archives Exhibit (AADM 253) Flyer for Special Topics Curatorial Studies taught by Randi Hopkins (AADM 253) Arts Administration New York Institute AADM 238 Flyer for On the Street exhibition from Curatorial Studies course taught by Barbara O'Brien AADM 253 Flyer for On the Street exhibition from Curatorial Studies Couse taught by Barbara O'Brien AADM 253 (back) The Kingston Gallery, where On the Street was exhibitited, located in SOWA district of Boston Student discussing artwork Class in the gallery