Research Tools

Research & Resources

The buttons below represent research tools you may encounter on the Library's website, in the Library catalog, or in databases. These tools simplify access to Simmons Library resources and help manage your research.

Access Full-Text Articles

While browsing search results in a database, you may only be able to view the article abstract. However, using the Find Full-Text button, you can check if the Library owns the full-text of the article.

Click the Find Full-Text button and a pop-up window will appear. This window will display green Article and blue Journal buttons if Simmons owns the article. You will see a green Request button to request the article through interlibrary loan, if we do not provide instant access to the resource.

Organize & Cite Research

RefWorks is a web-based bibliography and database management tool. Use RefWorks to create and organize your own personal database of references, format bibliographies according to your chosen documentation style (MLA, APA and more), import references from a variety of catalogs and databases and share your RefWorks database with users inside and outside of Simmons College.

The library has created Refworks Instructions that explain how to set up a RefWorks account and use it to manage citations. In addition, below is a brief tutorial that explains how to export citations from EBSCO databases into your RefWorks Account.

Connect to Simmons College Library While Browsing or Searching the Web

Install the Libx browser plugin to easily search the Library's collections while browsing the web.

Add Simmons College to the "Library Links" section of your browser's Google Scholar preferences to automatically connect to Simmons College resources in your search results.