Bulletin Board Policy

Students may post news, posters, flyers, etc., onto public bulletin boards in Library space. The material must adhere to the following guidelines, at the discretion of the Administrative Assistant:
  • No offensive language.
  • No commercial business. Only personal, student-run or student-appropriate businesses (i.e., Avon representatives, etc.) may post flyers.
  • Must be an appropriate size (no larger than 18 inches at its longest side).

All materials must FIRST be shown to the Administrative Assistant in L228.  If the flyer is approved, it will be date-stamped to indicate flyer acceptance by the Library. All materials will be removed 1 month after approval. If a date is indicated by the postee (for event or announcement purposes),or indicated by the date of services/event, the flyer will be removed after the date indicated.

Any flyer that is already stamped by Student Life will be automatically accepted. The postee must still come to L228 to receive the Library's date-stamp, though.

Any flyer without a Library date stamp will be immediately removed!

As of August 2011