LibraryAbout the Library Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Beatley Library connects the Simmons College community to information, discovery, and learning.


Beatley Library is an active participant in the student learning experience, an essential component of a Simmons education, and a vital asset to the College, fostering an institution-wide culture of academic inquiry and knowledge cultivation.

  • The Library's collections, resources, and environments—both physical and virtual—enhance and promote critical thinking and the discovery and use of information through their design and accessibility. Library resources are allocated toward the attainment of specific objectives and are thoughtfully assessed.
  • Librarians apply subject-specific and professional expertise to the selection, use, and evaluation of scholarly resources and anticipate and effectively respond to changes in student learning outcomes and assessment, student and faculty needs and expectations, and professional and market trends. Librarians collaborate with faculty and other members of the Simmons Community to develop and deliver student-focused learning opportunities and support faculty teaching, applied research, and clinical practice.
  • The Library staff offers relevant and targeted resources and services to all students—from first-year undergraduate through those completing post-graduate work, whether on-campus or distance learners—and reinforces the College's commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. The Library staff actively supports students' attainment of learning outcomes, their intellectual growth, and their academic and career aspirations.