Health Services

Medical Emergencies: In a life threatening emergency, if on campus call Public Safety at 617-521-1111; if off campus, call 911.

Medical Staff On-Call: When the Health Center is closed there is always a medical provider on-call. To get in touch with the medical provider on-call when on campus, contact the Resident Director on duty; off campus contact Simmons Public Safety at 617-521-1112.
Questions or appointments: If you have any questions about health services, wish to make an appointment or speak to a clinician; please call 617-521-1020.

Simmons Health Center

The Simmons College Health Center is located on the Residence Campus at 94 Pilgrim Road. The staff at the Health Center includes physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and a part-time nutritionist. All Health Center physicians are board certified and have teaching appointments at Harvard Medical School and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Confidentiality: The Health Center is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of students who visit the Health Center. No medical records or other health information about a student is released by the Health Center to parents or any non-medical personnel, including College staff, without the student's express authorization, except as required by law. If you have any questions about confidentiality, please feel free to contact the Health Center.

Services and Hours: The Health Center offers a full range of primary care services including treatment for illness and injury, management of chronic illness such as asthma, and gynecological care including contraception. Immunizations and PPD (tuberculosis) testing and sports and nursing clearance are also available. During the academic year the Health Center is open for appointments weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call 617-521-1020 to schedule an appointment. The Health Center is closed weekends and holidays and is open for reduced hours during winter break and during the summer. An on-call health care provider is available by telephone at any time when the Health Center is closed (See above). For more detail about our services, select "Services Available" from the menu on our web site .

Fees: Use of the Health Center is FREE (during the academic year) for all undergraduates and for graduate students and Dix Scholars who live on campus, as these students have already paid an annual health fee which covers our services during fall and spring semester. (Immunizations have additional charges.) Graduate students and Dix scholars living off-campus are welcome to use the Health Center as well. The student school insurance (BCBS) will cover visits to the Health Center for these students. Graduate students and Dix Scholars who are covered by other insurance may use the Health Center by paying for services at the time of visit and submitting claims to their insurance company for reimbursement. For more information, see the "Fees" section of our web pages.

Insurance: State law in Massachusetts requires all full time undergraduate and graduate students, to have health insurance. This insurance, which is in addition to the student health fee, covers services that cannot be provided on campus, such as charges for prescription medication, laboratory tests, visits to the emergency room, or referral to community specialty providers such as dermatology or mental health providers. In order to meet the state's insurance requirement, all full-time Simmons students are automatically enrolled in the College's student health insurance plan (SHIP) at the beginning of the academic year. Students covered by family policies or other individual coverage must submit a waiver if they do not wish to be enrolled in the school plan. Waivers may be filed at (select Simmons College). Although those wishing to purchase school insurance (a Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy with excellent coverage) will be enrolled automatically, an insurance card can be received sooner by signing up on line at the University Health Plans site above. The plan itself can also be read at that site. Additional information about student insurance can be found on our web site in the section "Health Insurance While at School".

Immunizations: All full time undergraduate, graduate students and part time Health Science students are required by law to have up-to-date immunization records on file at the Health Center. Information for both undergraduate and graduate students about what is required; directions and forms can be downloaded from the "New Student Requirements" section of the Health Center web site. Failure to comply with the state immunization requirements may result in sanctions by the College. *All students living in residence must submit proof of a meningitis vaccine or waiver form to receive their key upon arrival to school.

Other Health Concerns

In addition to the Health Center, support, advice, and referrals are also available at, the Counseling Center, Disability Services, Health Education , and the Well@Simmons program for other health concerns including eating disorders, domestic violence, mental health concerns, and academic and residential accommodations.
Resources and services are also available for anyone who has experienced a sexual assault or wishes to help someone else who has been assaulted. A list of these resources can be found at  

For more information about the Health Center visit us on the web at or feel free to contact the Health Center directly at 617-521-1020