Emergency Preparedness & Response

The Simmons College administration has carefully developed an Emergency Management Plan in which senior administrators, faculty, and staff assume specific roles to ensure rapid and effective response and resolution to emergency situations. The Emergency Response Team has identified a wide range of possible emergency scenarios and has developed corresponding, comprehensive response plans to each of these. The team performs drills and tests and monitors emergency communications systems to ensure that they will be effective when needed. The Emergency Response Team is committed to ensuring the safety of community members and to communicating pertinent information and instructions in a timely manner.

Simmons College maintains close relationships with other local institutions, including neighboring colleges and hospitals, through our participation with the Medical Academic and Scientific Community Organization (MASCO). This collection of institutions forms a unified resource for responding to any emergencies in our immediate geographical area. In addition, the College works in collaboration with and relies upon the expertise and instruction of local municipal authorities and the Boston Emergency Management Agency (BEMA).

The response of our campus community to a crisis situation can be greatly improved by ensuring clear and consistent channels of communication among all members. In an effort to ensure that all Simmons students are prepared to act effectively in an emergency, we ask that students participate in general preparedness in the following ways:

• Review all safety-related information in the Student Handbook 
    o Please see Residence Hall Policies and Procedures for information regarding ResidenceCampus security and emergencies and fire safety.

• Comply with all fire safety drills and evacuations

• Maintain an awareness of your surroundings, the available means of emergency assistance, and the College's primary venues for communication: 
    o Simmons e-mail 
    o Simmons voicemail 
    o the Simmons info line (617-521-3463) 
    o the Simmons website, http://www.simmons.edu/ 
    o WBZ Channel 4 television and CBSBoston.com 
    o WCVB Channel 5 and www.wcvb.com/weather/closings 
    o WHDH Channel 7 News and www.whdh.com/weather/school-closings-delays 
    o Rave Alert Emergency Notification System

Be sure to share current contact information with the College, your family, and friends so that you may be contacted in the event of an emergency. Please note that in an effort to protect the safety and security of our students, the College does not share local contact information. It is especially important that you maintain accurate and current contact information in the College's database. You can update your contact information at any time through AARC by logging into Simmons Connection https://connection.simmons.edu (and will be asked to do so at every registration period). This will enable the College to contact you (and your parents if you provide their phone number) via text message, personal email, and personal phone in the event of a campus emergency.

Have a plan in place for communication with your family in the event of a campus or city-wide emergency situation.

In the event of an emergency, a notice will be placed on the home page announcing the nature of the emergency, what Simmons is doing to respond and where to get additional information.