Academic Resources

Simmons is committed to providing quality academic supports, services, and resources that enhance the learning experience of both undergraduate and graduate students. The College encourages the highest level of scholarship and achievement possible for all students by providing resources to students who wish to challenge themselves to higher levels of excellence. The College is committed to helping students become independent learners and to encourage them to take an active part in their educational and intellectual pursuits.

Placement exams and academic advising occur during new student orientation and throughout the year. In addition, mathematics, language and chemistry assessments are offered during new student orientation and by appointment during the academic year to assist students and advisers with placement into courses in these disciplines. As a special service to first-year students and faculty advisers, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) coordinates the dissemination of mid-semester progress reports issued by course instructors. These progress reports give the academic adviser and the student positive and constructive criticism of the student's performance. Academic warnings, issued by faculty members, are also distributed, and staff is available to meet with undergraduate students to help them assess their academic strengths and weaknesses through individual counseling on issues that influence their academic performance. In addition, faculty and staff will help create a plan of action that will allow students to successfully meet their academic goals.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Simmons College is committed to ensuring that students with documented disabilities have equal access to college programs, services and activities. Students with documented disabilities are encouraged to register with the Office of Disability Services early in their academic careers in order to receive reasonable accommodations. To register with the Office of Disability Services, students must first schedule an intake appointment with a Disability Services staff member. At that time, students may submit current medical documentation from a qualified clinician or healthcare professional noting the severity of the student's disability, the impact of the disability, and its relation to the recommended accommodations. The Disability Services team will review the documentation and determine reasonable accommodations. For more information regarding documentation or the Office by visiting the Disability Services website.