The Provost, reporting to the President, is the Chief Academic Officer and the second-highest ranking officer at Simmons. The academic deans and the heads of the Library, the Registrar's Office, the Center for Excellence in Teaching, the Office of Sponsored Programs, Career Education Center, Scott/Ross Center, and other offices as assigned by the President report to the Provost. In the President's absence and at the request of the President or the Board of Trustees, the Provost serves as the chief executive officer for Simmons. The Provost provides leadership and advocacy for Simmons's academic programs and is responsible for maintaining academic quality. The Provost's areas of responsibility include supervision and oversight of all educational affairs and activities, including curricular, instructional, and research affairs and personnel. The Provost coordinates the promotion, tenure and sabbatical application processes; provides leadership for academic programs, research, faculty development, program evaluation; advises the President and Board of Trustees on academic matters including faculty hiring, appointments, promotion, tenure, and sabbaticals, and plays a major role in developing the annual budget and in recommending allocation of resources, particularly among academic units. The Provost also receives and reviews proposals for curricular changes, including the introduction or elimination of degrees, programs, and majors.

Katie Conboy, Provost
MCB, Room C-219