Student Leadership and Activities

The Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) provides opportunities for leadership development while at Simmons and beyond, helps promote community through campus events and programming, and supports students' transitions to college. The office is committed to helping students make the most of their college experiences and all of the opportunities available at Simmons.

OSLA helps students transition to Simmons through Orientations for all new undergraduates, helping new students connect with involvement opportunities, and through the Simmons 101 course (formerly known as the First-Year Experience [FYE] Seminar) for all traditional first-year students. Co-facilitated by professional staff in student services, faculty and by student leaders, Simmons 101 provides first-year students with a significant connection to a student leader and a professional staff member on campus.

In addition, the office provides training and development for student organizations through scheduled workshops and tailored programs designed for and/or requested by student leaders, such as The Emerging Leaders Program. OSLA oversees the annual Student Leadership Selection Process, which places student leaders in the following positions: Simmons 101 Facilitators, Resident Advisers, Orientation Leaders, Like Minds Coalition members, and Student Health Educators.

Students may begin taking advantage of leadership opportunities upon arrival at Simmons and may participate in leadership trainings at Simmons, within the Colleges of the Fenway (COF) consortium, and through other various community avenues in and around the metropolitan area.

OSLA provides additional weekend and weeklong programs to supplement the programming of our clubs and organizations.Events range from craft nights, performers,outings into the city, Shark Week and finals programs.. OSLA plans these student run events based on student inputany suggestions for events should be sent to

Finally, OSLA provides oversight to the commuter student lockers in the Main College Building, , and the Student Box Office, which sells discounted tickets to local attractions and movie theatres, and special event tickets. The OSLA staff also helps coordinate ticket sales and registration for student organization-sponsored and COF (Colleges of the Fenway) trips and events.

Involvement Opportunities

An integral component of the Simmons experience is student involvement in a wide variety of clubs, organizations, and service projects. Each fall and spring, students have opportunities to explore all of their options at the Annual Connections Carnival.. The staff in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities is also available to work with students individually to help them find appropriate matches for their interests.
Below is an index of all student groups, including recognized student organizations and clubs. If you are interested in an organization that is not present, the opportunity is always available for individuals to develop new organizations.

Student Government Association (SGA)

This organization is the voice of the student body. They establish policy and solicit student input for a host of different college and student issues. Executive board positions are elected yearly, all recognized organizations are represented by their Senators, and all students are welcome to attend SGA meetings, which meet every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

Student Government Association Executive Board, 2014-2015

President Zara Ali
Vice President Erin Butterfield
Vice President for Finance Megan Moore
Vice President for Finance-Elect-Treasurer Bethanie Royality-Lindman
Secretary Shane Giraldo
Student Affairs Officer Olivia Kritzman
Academic Affairs Officer Taylor Mahoney
Marketing & Communications Officer Laura Campbell
Diversity & Inclusion Officer LaShawn Holloway
Advisor Susan Antonelli, Assistant Dean for Student Life

Student Finance Board

The Student Finance Board (SFB), the financial branch of the Student Government Association (SGA), is a committee of students whose purpose is to allocate funds collected through the Undergraduate Student Activities Fee. The purpose of the SFB is to ensure impartiality in all financial transactions made by organizations and to encourage an event-focused ideology to enhance "an environment that appreciates and respects a diverse and multicultural campus" (SGA Constitution). The goal of the SFB is to support a wide variety of organizations, activities, and programs that will benefit the Simmons community.

Chair, SGA VP for Finance Megan Moore
Advisor Corey Zohlman, Program Coordinator of Student Leadership & Activities

In addition to the executive board, financial and judicial branch, the legislative branch of the SGA involves Senators from each class council and student organization.

Class Councils

Class of 2015

President Sana Sajjad
Vice President Crystal Derosiers
Treasurer Jillian Malcom
Secretary Kate Steiper
Advisor Corey Zohlman, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Activities

Class of 2016

President Maria Cervantes Gonzalez
Vice President Kelsey Mills
Treasurer Morgan Ward
Secretary Megan Ludgate
Advisor Tia Miller, Assistant Director of Student Leadership & Activities

Class of 2017

President Kaitlyn Maloney
Vice President Hannah Hast
Treasurer Ling Zhong
Secretary Amal Saeed
Marketing Chair Maria Rocha
J-Cab Representative Rutvi Patel

Susan Antonelli, Assistant Dean of Student Life

Class of 2018

TBD Fall 2014
Vice President TBD Fall 2014


TBD Fall 2014
Secretary TBD Fall 2014
Advisor Tia Miller, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Activities

Campus Activities Board

The mission of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is to provide a wide range of social, educational, and cultural activities for the Simmons Community and their guests. CAB is the organization responsible for all student run campus events and activities, including lectures, feature film series, performing arts, educational programming, block ticket sales, and special events. CAB also plans and sponsors the annual Simmons Soiree which was hosted at the Seaport Hotel in spring 2014.

President Kyree Jones
Vice President Claire Campbell
Treasurer Maria Cervantes Gonzalez
Secretary Roseanne (Rosie) Henry
Marketing Chairs Melissa Wright
JCab Representative Colleen Dooley
Advisor Tia Miller, Assistant Director of Student Leadership & Activities

Commuter Student Organization (CSO)

The purpose of the Commuter Student Organization is to unify the commuter students at Simmons; to adequately and effectively represent commuter students, and to expose commuter students to academic and social activities of Simmons College. The Commuter Student Office is located within the Commuter Student Lounge, in room C-022.

President TBA, Fall 2014
Vice President TBA, Fall 2014
Secretary TBA, Fall 2014
Treasurer TBA, Fall 2014
Public Affairs Agent TBA, Fall 2014
SGA Senator TBA, Fall 2014
Advisor Tia Miller, Assistant Director of Student Leadership & Activities

Residence Hall Councils and Residence Housing Association (RHA)

Hall Councils

Hall councils are elected members who help govern each residence hall. Hall councils assist in formulating policy for their individual halls, bring matters of concern to the staff's attention, and provide social and recreational programs for the residents of their hall. All hall members are welcome to attend the regular meetings of hall council. Hall council elections will happen at the beginning of the fall semester.

Residence Housing Association (RHA)

RHA's goal is to unify the residential students in order to serve as an effective liaison between them and the large College community. The primary purpose of RHA is to plan, govern, and coordinate campus wide activities for the residence campus population.

Residence Housing Association

Dix Hall President TBA, Fall 2014
Simmons Hall President TBA, Fall 2014
Mesick Hall President TBA, Fall 2014
Morse Hall President TBA, Fall 2014
Arnold Hall President TBA, Fall 2014
SoNo Hall President (South & North) TBA, Fall 2014
Smevans Hall President (Smith & Evans) TBA, Fall 2014
Advisor Corey Zohlman, Program Coordinator of Student Leadership & Activities

Academic Liaisons

Student organizations at Simmons affiliated with an academic department or program are known as liaisons. Liaisons students interested in a particular discipline or field of study, whether or not they are in that specific major. Liaison members plan educational and social functions to bring students and faculty together.


Organizations in this category are responsible for creating the student run publications. These organizations generally meet weekly and have continuous production deadlines. All literary organizations are open to the entire Simmons community.

· Microcosm, the Simmons College yearbook

· Sidelines, the College's literary magazine

· The Simmons Voice, Simmons's newspaper

Religious Organizations

Students have opportunities to share, express, and celebrate their faith and spirituality through involvement in religious organizations available on campus. In addition, connections with area places of worship can be coordinated through The Office of Spiritual Life.

· Catholic Student Association

· Rooted in Love Christian Fellowship

· Simmons Hillel

· Simmons Islamic Society

Sexuality, Women, and Gender Center (SWAG)

The Sexuality, Women, and Gender Center (SWAG) is a comfortable, supportive place for all Simmons women to assemble and access information. The materials in the center's small library, magazine collection, and research paper file focus on timely women's issues. The center offers social and educational programs as well. It is located in the Main College Building, Room W-007. SWAG coordinates programs including the Vagina Monologues and Take Back the Night, in addition to lectures, concerts, and other events.

Colleges of the Fenway Orchestra and Chorus

Students, faculty, and staff who play a musical instrument or sing and have an interest in participating in an orchestra or chorus are encouraged to visit the Colleges of the Fenway Web site at for more information.

Traditions and Annual Events

In addition to recognizing and celebrating certain special events including Asian Awareness Month, Black History Month, Latino Heritage Month, Women's College Week, and many others, Simmons regularly schedules additional College activities for undergraduates, which are listed below.

--Family & Friends Weekend is a time for families to visit their students and embrace Simmons and Boston. This year, Family & Friends Weekend will be held Friday, October 17th through Saturday, October 19th, 2014. More information and registration materials will be available after August 19, 2013 at

--May Day, beginning in 1912, is Simmons's oldest on-going tradition. While practices have changed over the years, the current celebration involves the sophomore and senior classes. Waking up the senior class at the break of dawn on May 1, a tree planting, the maypole dance, and "strawberry breakfast" are all part of this traditional event.

--Senior-Faculty Toast occurs in the fall of each year. This is an opportunity for the faculty to toast best wishes to the seniors in their upcoming final year at the College.

--Senior-Faculty Banquet occurs in the spring of each year. This banquet provides the seniors an opportunity to dine with the professors in their major. The banquet also celebrates outstanding seniors with the College's wide variety of both academic and leadership awards.

--Senior Week is the week preceding Commencement and offers seniors several days' worth of special events, which usually include a formal dance, trips to Boston attractions, a class picnic, and a special brunch.
--Shark Week is a celebration of Shark Pride which takes place each November. Events include campus pride days, shark-themed activities, and photos with Stormy the Shark.

--Simmons Cup is the culmination of an annual competition among residence halls. Teams participate in athletic and intellectual challenges throughout the year, each having point values assigned to each event. Simons Cup is the culmination of this rivalry and is an outdoor, daylong competition with a series of spirited events.

--Spring Week is the last Colleges of the Fenway activity of the year. Held in April, this event celebrates the coming of warm weather and often features an outdoor carnival on the Quad and a concert at night.

---Student Leadership Recognition Ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of our Simmons students, advisers, and programs each spring.

--Winter Wonderland and Festival of Lights include a college-wide dinner, residence hall decorating parties, and an educational, multi-faith celebration. The Festival of Lights and Winter Wonderland are favorite all-College winter festivities.

Student Organization Guidelines and Policies

College Facility Use

Any recognized student organization that wants to hold a meeting or other group activity must reserve function space according to the following guidelines:

· Only Simmons's recognized student organizations may use College facilities. For information on how to obtain recognition, inquire at the Office of Student Leadership and Activities or contact the Student Government Association. Room reservations and arrangements for services should be made at least two weeks prior to an event and three days prior to a meeting.

· On-campus activities must follow College policies regarding security, alcohol service, etc. These policies are written, regulated, and revised by the Judicial Cabinet of the Student Government Association in conjunction with the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.

· Prior to scheduling any event, an officer should check the desired date against other College events in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.

Student Organization Officers

Student organizations elect their own officers according to guidelines as outlined in their constitutions and in accordance with College policy. As officially recognized student leaders, all officers must also meet the following College criteria in order to be eligible to hold office:

· Officers must be matriculating undergraduate students and be in good academic and social standing with the College.

· In order to run for office in any college-wide organizations (SGA, Class Councils, Commuter Student Organization, etc.), a student must have a minimum 2.4 cumulative GPA. All other student organization officers must maintain a 2.2 or above.

· While in office, the student must maintain a cumulative 2.2 GPA. If an individual falls below a 2.2, they will have one semester probation to raise the cumulative GPA above 2.2. If an individual falls below a 2.2 for two consecutive semesters, they will have to relinquish the officer position. They will not be eligible to run for office again until she has maintained the minimum 2.2 GPA for two consecutive semesters.

· Any student officer not fully meeting the eligibility requirements at the end of the semester will have to relinquish her office immediately upon notification from the Office of Student Leadership and Activities. Elections for replacement officers will be conducted according to the organization's constitution under the supervision of the Student Government Association Vice President of Internal Affairs Appeals may be directed to the Office of the Dean for Student Life.

· Students may not simultaneously serve as President of two organizations.

· Students may serve on the executive board of no more than two organizations at a time.

Other Involvement Opportunities:

Health Education @ Simmons

The Health Education Department specializes in health education programs, and awareness events offered to the entire college community. For more information, please go to the Health Education website. Students can become involved as peer educators in the following programs:

· Drugs and Alcohol

· Sex @ Simmons

· Stress/Time Management

· EAT @ Simmons

· Fit @ Simmons

· Betsy's Friends/Sexual Assault

For more information, please email:

The Scott/Ross Center for Community Service

Many students are involved in Community Service and Service Learning in their classes and lives at Simmons. The Scott/Ross Center for Community Service is comprised of two major programs: the Office of Service Learning and Simmons Community Outreach (SCO) which provide a variety of civic engagement opportunities to students and expand and support community partners. In addition to the Simmons Community Outreach, students can get involved in programs including the following:

· Alternative Spring Break

· America Counts

· America Reads

· Education Sparks

· Girls LEAP

· JumpStart

· Strong Women, Strong Girls

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Tia Miller
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