Welcome to Simmons College! This online Student Handbook is designed to provide you with information on programs, services, policies, and Simmons College traditions, which will assist you in your ability to navigate your way through the College in the years ahead.

I am sure you will find the Simmons community to be an interesting place, filled with thoughtful, committed students and employees engaged in the best of academic life. You will see much that may change at Simmons over the next few years in the physical plant, technology, and continuing academic development. You will, however, find a lot that will remain the same: The challenging academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students, the high levels of student involvement in the life of the College, and an indelible sense of community, which are the hallmarks of the Simmons experience that are greatly valued. Your voice is welcomed into the conversation as we work continually to support the success of each of our students.

Please review the online Student Handbook, and bookmark the link as a resource should you have a question or concern about any practice or policy in the future. If you have questions about information or policies included in the handbook, please submit your ideas to the Office of the Dean for Student Life, MCB C-211 or via email to valerie.filiberto@simmons.edu.

Best wishes for a rewarding and challenging academic year.

Sarah Neill
Vice President for Student Affairs & Associate Provost