Policies about your use of Technology

The following policies are about your use of technology resources. For a list of all Technology Policies, please visit:

Acceptable Use
This policy provides the terms of use and expectations for all users of Simmons College computer and network resources.

Confidentiality Agreement
Technology at Simmons College Confidentiality Agreement: All Simmons Technology staff agrees to treat our customers' information in an appropriate and ethical manner and have signed this following agreement.

As a community of scholars, Simmons College subscribes to the belief that intellectual property rights should be respected and honored, and that fair and appropriate use of published materials is both a legal and an ethical obligation that all members of the Simmons community should observe.

File Sharing
This reference page is intended to inform and educate the Simmons College Community about the growing concern of illegal online file sharing. Pay for the Music, or Face the Music! 

Personal Web Publishing
Simmons College assumes no responsibility for, nor does it endorse the contents of any personal/individual World Wide Web page. Individual (personal) pages (as denoted by "~username" in the URL) are provided as professional and educational work areas.

Printing on Public Printers: Policy and Tips
This reference page provides an overview of the College's policy for printing to public printers, such as those in the library and labs. It includes links to the policy itself, to frequently asked questions, and to tips for printing.


This policy advises and governs faculty, staff, and students on the storage and release of sensitive information at Simmons and ensures that such storage and release is in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws as codified in 201 CMR 17.00: Standards for The Protection of Personal Information of Residents of the Commonwealth.