Standards of Conduct

As an academic community, Simmons College provides an academic program and living-learning environment that enhances student intellectual and personal development, preserves the rights of individuals and organized groups, and encourages individuality while affirming a commitment to the community dimensions of college life.

All members of the community are considered adults and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the College's mission as an educational community. Standards of conduct as outlined under the Honor System reinforce respect for one another and a commitment to the College as a whole. Recognizing that Simmons exists in a larger society, the College will respect and uphold local, state, and national laws. Although College officials and representatives do not view their roles as law enforcement officers, if they learn of or observe potential violations, they may determine if the student has violated the Simmons Honor Code and also inform appropriate authorities. The Simmons Board of Trustees has ultimate discretion to determine academic and behavioral standards.

We expect each member of this community, by her/his enrollment at Simmons College, to read, understand, and uphold the Standards of Conduct outlined in this and other official College publications, to vigorously protect the rights of others, and to share with College officials ideas and concerns regarding these policies and their implications.