Final Examinations

Department and program faculty members indicate to the registrar which of their courses will have scheduled final examinations during the final examination period. Such scheduled final examinations will be no longer than three hours each, and no student will be scheduled to take more than two examinations in one day.

Examinations scheduled by the Office of the Registrar during the regular examination period cannot be taken at any other time. Students should therefore plan their vacation schedules to begin after the semester's last scheduled examination. Any student with two exams scheduled at the same time or with more than two exams on one day should consult the Office of the Registrar. Scheduling exceptions resulting from extreme personal hardship or religious observances should be referred to the Office of the Dean for Student Life. No comprehensive final examinations of any kind are given during the last week of classes, and no final examinations are given before the scheduled final examination period begins. Hourly exams may be given during the last week of classes if they have been scheduled on the syllabus from the beginning of the semester.

Absence from a final exam will be treated as any other "incomplete," and an instructor's (evaluation) grades must be submitted by the final date for submitting grades, unless an incomplete request has been approved by the Administrative Board.

Exams will be held regardless of inclement weather. In the case that an examination is cancelled because of severe weather, the examination will be held the day after the final date of scheduled testing.